Can Snowmen SURVIVE a 400° Oven?

They can if they’re powder coated!

We just pulled these guys out of our oven and now that they’re powder coated they have no fear of melting this summer!  

With the recent snowfall we’ve had, Pro Powder Coating wants to equip you with the

Top 5 Ingredients for the BEST Snowman!

  1. Snow – This may seem like a no-brainer, but all snow is not created equal, some snow it light and fluffy resulting in less compaction and adhesion – meaning your snowman won’t stick together. Other snow can be too moist, resulting in a puddle before you can even get Frosties belly on! You need the right type of snow to make a snowman that will last.
  2. Weather – I know you’re thinking another no-brainer, but no matter how good your snow is, if the day is going to be warm he’s going to melt. Pick a day or evening when you know the weather is going to say cold the longest. That way Frosty has a chance to freeze in place before the warmer weather moves in, ensuring he lasts for as long as he can.
  3.  Which brings us to another great point – Location! Choose a spot that is out of direct sunlight for the longest period in your yard your creation is sure to have a longer life.
  4. Compaction – We touched on this in #1 with the right type of snow you can then create a snowball in your hands. Once you have a good enough size to chuck at your friend, place it on the ground and start rolling until Save & Exit you have your base built. Making sure to roll it in the direction of your chosen location.
  5. Accessories – Little know fact: Frosty LOVES to be accessorized! Don’t forget to add your own flair. Maybe some hair instead of a top hat? Do you have a favorite sports team he could support? Animal ear headband? Get creative, and if you need some ideas to kickstart your Snow Guy/Gal/Dog/Yeti here’s some to get you started from Bored Panda!

We’d love to share your creations! Send us your pics in the comments below!

And as always, when you’re in need of Powder Coating, Cerakote Firearms Coating or Sand Blasting in Grand Junction, Rifle, Delta, Moab or anywhere in between contact us below r give us a call at 970-241-3422

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